Vizsla Information

Originating in Hungary during the 10th century, the Vizsla is an energetic, medium-sized, short-coated sporting breed.  According to AKC breed standards, the coat should be short and sleek with no undercoat and golden rust in color.  Males should stand 22-24 inches in height and weigh 55-60 pounds.  Females should stand 21-23 inches and weigh 44-55 pounds.  Athletic and highly intelligent, Vizslas require daily vigorous exercise and mental training and stimulation.  Due to their athleticism and intelligence, Vizslas excel at many competitive dog sports, as well as hunting, canicross, skijoring, hiking, and any other outdoor activity requiring speed and endurance.  True to their nickname as "velcro Vizsla," the breed prefers to be with their humans at all times, often times leaving no personal space whatsoever.  While they are undoubtedly beautiful, highly energetic, and intelligent, they aren't the right breed for everyone.  Vizslas require at least one hour of daily exercise, daily training, and mental stimulation.  If these needs aren't met, many will turn to destructive behavior.  For those who are capable of meeting their needs, Vizslas make excellent companions and family members.  

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