Roast Representatives

 Representing our Sugar Face roast is Tokaji.  Named after a Hungarian dessert wine, Tokaji, or Tolkie Smokes, as she is often called, has proven to be the versatile Vizsla, earning a Grand Championship in conformation, titles in rally, obedience, and hunting.  Her specialty is agility in which she has earned fourteen Master Agility Championships.  In 2013, Tokaji was the Agility Dog of the year.  In 2014 she was an AKC Invitational Finalist and she was a Westminster Masters Agility Competition Finalist in 2016. Currently, Tokaji holds the record for the most AKC titles of any Vizsla.  Don't let this sugar face fool you. She is 12 1/2 years old and still enjoying her runs on agility weekends, commentating on the handling skills with her Woof!


 Roo represents our Roo roast.  Roo is not only the namesake of a roast, she is also Chief Bark Officer, head of quality control, head of marketing, and probably the only reason we sell any coffee. On her down time, Roo enjoys upland bird hunting, mountain biking, trail running, swimming, and snuggling with her humans.  

 Havoc represents our Zoomie roast.  The embodiment of zoomie energy, this red-headed sock-monster, born on February 16th represents all things that are truly zoomie; from romps in wide open fields, to splashing after bold otters and chasing down rogue waves on the beach.  On his down time, Havoc loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his human.  Zoomies are one of the best parts of life and this boy makes the most of every moment!


 Our Wired Roast Representative is Django.  Direct from Django himself, "My name is Django.  The D is silent and is from the famous Tarantino film.  I was born on July 4, 2017 in England.  I live in Scotland, where I enjoy chewing things that aren't mine, growling and groaning at everything that moves, particularly leaves or birds.  I also like to point at my rabbit siblings, chase tennis balls, play with other dogs, cuddle and sleep with my mum and dad (preventing them from having nookie, whatever that means).  I've also been told that I'm quite talented.  I can high 5 and give kisses on command! I also do a great Elvis impression!"

 Representing our Rescue roast, Robbie is a 9 year old Vizsla living with his pawrents and Vizsla little brother, Marco, in Pittsburgh, PA.  Robbie was rescued 3 years ago through New Hope Vizsla Rescue.  His fourth and final home is a perfect match!  Robbie loves to spend his days lounging by the Allegheny River, snacking on goldfish crackers, and cheering on his favorite Pittsburgh teams! Robbie is forever grateful to his forever family and New Hope Vizsla Rescue for their love and patience in finding the perfect forever home.

 Parker is our Decaf Roast Representative.  Parker James Shumaker resides in Indiana with his pawrents and hooman sister.  True to Vizsla fashion, this zoomie-proficient 4 year old loves snuggling with his hoomans, taking long walks in the park or on the beach, stealing his hooman sisters food, and learning new tricks! As you can see, Parker doesn't require caffeine to achieve a peak level of Vizsla craziness! 



Representing our Good Vibrations summer roast is Riley, a 7 year old Vizsla living in Miami, FL with her hoomans.  Riley couldn't be a better choice for a roast called Good Vibrations, as she exudes the happiest, most loving energy; truly good vibes.  Her happy energy is infectious, as it is impossible to be in a bad mood whenever she is around.  When she isn't playing with her favorite stuffed shark toy with her hoomans, she can be found forever making them laugh with her silly, goofy antics.  Loopy (one of her many nicknames) is a Florida girl through and through as she absolutely loves long walks, going to the park, cuddling with her hoomans, and posing for treats for her photographer mama.  


Earl and Otto represent our Cold Brew.  Born and raised in Southern California, Earl and his little bro' Otto are true beach boys.  Their idea of being bird dogs is chasing the naval fighter jets as they land over Coronado Dog Beach.  As well, their second love is being on the snowy shores of Lake Tahoe and chasing ducks in the icy blue water.  To date - they haven't caught either "bird" yet!


Milo is a big-boned gorgeous male from Kivalo Vizsla in London, Ontario.  Alex Richard bred this outstanding boy.  He has exceeded our expectations! His fun loving and always in our face personality makes him hard to not just snuggle up with on the couch! His hobbies include: hunting birds, getting snacks from his favorite little human Gavin, and sleeping in with mom and dad! Milo is super excited to be chosen as one of the Red Dog Coffee Roasters Roast Representatives! 


"I could write of a million wonders that is Tempo, for it seemed his life was carried out that way.  Every day was a wonderful day to him.  Diagnosed with Lymphoma at 4 years of age and given the stage and type, his prognosis was 6 months to a questionable year.....with chemotherapy.  Tempo rocked out 500 solid days, packing more zest, heart, courage, and enthusiasm in those days than many dogs do in a lifetime.  From taking his job as the Manny to a couple litters of puppies, to supervising the daily chores of farm life, and just being an integral part of our dog family, he lived with vigor, until the chemo quit and the cancer took over.  He had the kindest of souls, the silliest of smiles, the best of cuddles....and the heart of a Warrior.  He was my Superman."



"Bonjour! Meet Heidi, "le sophistique" French Roast Representative.  Heidi was born on May 8th, 2019, at Whispering Pines Dog Breeders.  She calls Grand Rapids, MI home.  When she is not modeling the finest French fashion, Heidi enjoys bird hunting, showing off her running speed, playing at the dog park, and doing tricks for treats (her favorite is cheese).  Heidi demands attention and is an expert cuddler and kisser.  In 2020, this classy pooch became an American girl in Europe, where she currently resides. She promises Red Dog Coffee Roasters fans that she will visit Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and indulge in the fanciest French desserts at an exclusive cafe.  Au revoir! 



Training hoomans is a ruff job, but somedoggy has to do it. Finnegan Count Smooshie Tushie, or Finn for short, is a Vizsla-Beagle-Pitbull mix with all the personality you’d expect from that combination. He was found on the streets of NC and with the help of Airsong's Angels rescue, was assigned two dim-witted hoomans to rescue in the DC area. Finn shares weekly updates back to K9 HQ (and on his FB page) about his trials and tribulations trying to get his hoomans in line. His snarky updates became a series of award-winning books and Finn even has a merchandise line of sarcastic and funny Finn-isms. Check out his videos, books, merch and more at: https://linktr.ee/gwenromack




Hi, I'm Cash! I might not have traveled the world just yet, but I've got a spunky, adventurous spirit (even before my morning coffee).  I'm New York born and Carolina raised.  Even though I'm only almost 2 years old, I've been in show biz all my life and just earned my AKC Championship! This means I now have more time to do some of my favorite things..... like go out on the boat with my family or hunt for quail with my dad. My humans sure do keep me busy! Whether swimming in the lake or snuggling up on the couch, we love spending time together and making everything an adventure of our own. 




Peaches and her hoomans live in Northwest Arkansas, self-proclaimed mountain biking capital of the world! She and her hoomans love to hit the trails, whether it's mountain biking, hiking, or trail running, they love to enjoy nature. If Peaches isn't running or playing with her bestie River, she is sleeping in her cozy cave, but never too far from her mom. She's officially her mom's shadow and it's rare you don't see them together.  She is full of life and love, and has changed her family's life for the best!




My name is Piper.  I was named after one of mom's favorite airplanes.  My hoomans have this strange habit of giving their beloved V's aviation related names, which makes sense as they both fly.  Cuddles and snuggles under the blankets was the game and I excelled at it.  I loved being big sister to Skylar and gently showed her how to play.  I was also a patient playmate and mentor to the many Vizsla fosters that temporarily called our house home until they found their furever families.  Like a good cup of coffee, I had a smooth disposition, no sharp bite, and a robust personality.  I crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018 at the age of 14.  


Eva Christensen has been painting in watercolour for thirty years. She paints at her home near Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Eva and her husband welcomed their first beloved vizsla, Teelo, in 2010. They now have three vizslas serving up daily chaos: Riggs, Clicquot and puppy Kedli. Eva's inspiration for her work comes from her daily life and travels around the East Coast. The antics of her vizslas feature prominently throughout her art. Eva’s work has been featured various publications including Created Here Magazine and on the cover of The Fiddlehead. Her work was been exhibited in Fredericton at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre in 2023 and featured in the On the Fence outdoor art installation curated by the Grassroots Gallery in 2021.

 You can shop for prints of Eva Christensen’s paintings at www.evachristensenart.etsy.com, and for a selection of original paintings exclusively at The Artisan District in Fredericton or www.artisandistrict.ca.