Decaf Lemon Ginger Green Tea

Decaf Lemon Ginger Green Tea

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The young leaves of this organic green tea are harvested in spring and early summer. They then go through a naturally chemical-free CO2 decaffeination process to retain their naturally-occurring antioxidants and light green tea flavor. This environmentally-friendly process results in a simply delicious and non-bitter decaffeinated green tea. Warming ginger gently greets the nose before lemon and rosehip citrus characters brighten the taste buds. Lemon Verbena gives it a smooth and slightly cooling finish. Loose leaf.


  • Organic Decaf Green Tea
  • Origin: China green tea base
    • Decaffeinated ~99% Caffeine-free

    Ingredients: organic decaf green tea, organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic rosehips, organic lemon peel, organic lemon verbena, natural lemon flavoring